IZI Development Team

We are a small software company situated in Poland. We specialize in IT consulting, creating high load distributed systems.

Feature 01

Scaling systems

We believe that every business is scalable thanks to the internet. In these times if your business scales, your software has to scale as well. If you are at that point of your journey, you know finding a good software engineer is not an easy task. Luckily, you have found us.

Feature 02

10 years of experience

Excellent programming skills, supported with several years of professional experience, are what makes a good programmer. Additionally, we believe someone who aims to be the best in their area of expertise cannot be stuck in one place. That is why we always enjoy exploring different programming languages and frameworks.

Feature 03

Plan your future

If you’ve noticed your company is growing exponentially, plan ahead. Save your company’s money by not betting on huge software houses that will charge you extra to pay their corporate bills. Compare their offer with ours, start early, and grow with us.

Tell us about your business.

If you are looking for a consulting software company that can create custom, scalable systems for you, you’ve just found it.

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What you will get
  • Technical analysis of your software.
  • Architecture that meets your needs.
  • Plan of your software moving to the cloud.
  • Skilled engineer to explain it to you.

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